Experienced San Jose Employment Attorneys

San Jose employment lawyers work in a variety of capacities to protect California employees in the workplace. A qualified San Jose employment lawyer should investigate not only the complaint the California employees bring to be reviewed, but also investigate areas of unpaid overtime, wrongful discharge, discrimination, harassment, misclassification, expense reimbursement, meals and breaks, and reimbursable expense violations. It is quite common for the employment attorneys at United Employees Law Group to find violations that the employee did not anticipate through a thorough knowledge of California employment law.

The San Jose employment attorneys employed or associated with United Employees Law Group are experienced in handling or providing guidance in all areas of California labor law. When investigating potential violations in the workplace, another important aspect is the statute of limitations. For example, our employment lawyers will investigate overtime violations going back three years under the California labor code and an additional year under California Business and Professions Code 17200. Therefore, even though an employee may believe there is no California overtime violation, a careful look at the job history going back up to four years may reveal something very different.

The San Jose employment attorneys at United Employees Law Group also sometimes take on the role of investigator and advocate. This is especially true when some employees fear retaliation or are experiencing the early stages of retaliation in the workplace and are fearful of job separation. An experienced California labor law attorney may elect to correspond with the employer, noting the alleged retaliation and create a “paper trail” should the employer elect to terminate the employment of the employee. This may be helpful should litigation be necessary. If a discharge from employment occurs, a savvy California labor attorney may assist the employee in attempting to secure unemployment benefits.

If you are a California employee and you feel you have been the victim of workplace violations, it is important to immediately speak with one of our experienced San Jose employment lawyers. Remember, the statute of limitations may bar certain claims you may wish to make so speaking to one of our employment attorneys as early as possible is wise. United Employees Law Group offers a free case evaluation.