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San Jose Overtime LawsCalifornia workers are protected by our California overtime laws as well as federal laws such as FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act). The list here will give you a brief overview of those California overtime regulations that any company could be violating. If you believe you may have an overtime case, you should call our San Jose labor law offices, and we will review your claims for free.


California   Effective January 1, 2014 our California minimum wage is now $9 an hour.

Time and a Half pay for California: Any employee working overtime (more than 8 hours in a 24 hour period) in California is required to receive pay at one and a half times their usual hourly rate. This is different from current federal law, which dictates that overtime is paid after 40 hours worked in a week.

California Double Time: On top of the 8 hour rule, all California employees working over 12 hours in a 24 hour period are entitled to twice their regular hourly rate

California Seventh Day Rule: Employees are also protected by this CA rule stating after six consecutive days the entire seventh day must be compensated at time and a half and full double time after eight hours.

Working “Off the Clock”: You CANNOT be required to work off the clock without pay! California labor regulations state explicitly that your employer cannot require you perform “closing duties,” change into a required uniform at work or otherwise fulfill your duties when clocked out. If you are forced to do this, make sure to document it, and then call us.

iStock_000016114877SmallWhen you are On Call or on Standby: In California law, employers must compensate any employee considered “under the company’s control.” Employees who are on “standby” or “on call” will usually fall under this rule, and many times are not compensated, accordingly.

This accounting of California overtime rules looks fairly simple and straightforward at a glance, however most cases are far more complex than you may anticipate when you consider the overtime exemptions. If you believe your company may be violating the current overtime pay regulations, or any other employment law created to protect California employees, my team and I are here ready to help you make a claim.Contactus today for a free evaluation.


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