Infemous Sexual Harassment Cases

When it comes to the workplace there are two types of harassment the courts recognize, Quid prop quo and the hostile work environment. In many cases they will both be present see how your company is doing by checking here: Employees Harassment Checklist .

Do you remember these Sexual Harassment Cases

Factory female worker sharpening toolsJenson vs. Eveleth Taconite Co., First US Sexual Harassment Case Filed as Class Action:  The 2005 film, “North Country” portrays this unbelievable case proving numbers make a difference. Among the first women hired by Eveleth Iron Mine in Northern Minnesota, Jenson endured numerous humiliating indignities at the hands of other employees as well as being stalked by her supervisor. Along with other female employees Jenson battled harassment from the previously all-male company that believed the woman’s place was at home not steeling their jobs. They finally filed suit in 1984 as abuses had reach an intolerable level, though it still took several years to find a lawyer to push the case. In 1998 Jenson and the other women settled for $3.5 million.

Hill vs. Thomas: 1991, the country watched aghast as the Law school professor Anita Hill came forward accusing aspiring Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment.

Hill’s courage to speak out against such a high profile man has given many women the guts to make themselves heard. Her case has contributed to a large increase in similar cases.

The “Gauntlet”: Not long after the Clarence Thomas fiasco, we heard Paula Puopolo’s suit naming the Navy as responsible for her abuse at work. While attending the well known Tailhook convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, Puopolo came forward with allegations that she had been forced to run down a hallway lined by over 200 aviators. These service men groped and fondled her as she made her way to the end being unceremoniously thrown to the ground. Dick Cheney blamed Puopolo for the incident saying “Because of you, I have to fire the Secretary of the Navy.” Rear Admiral, Jack Snyder had to be removed as a result of this “gross neglect of proper conduct” and criminal sexual harassment.

Though Puopolo had been told by superiors that the matter would be addressed, no one did a thing until she went public and demanded the abuse be addressed.

Bob Packwood; Oregon Senator: This case became so big that San Jose Sexual HarassmentThe National Organization for Women (NOW) has an entire section of their website dedicated to Senator Packwood’s misconduct. Packwood was accused of harassing dozens of the women working on his campaign. Packwood finally resigned in 1995.“No work-place in America ought to tolerate the kind of offensive, degrading sexual misconduct that the Ethics Committee finds Senator Packwood to be guilty of. And it certainly cannot be tolerated in the United States Senate either.” This was the opinion of the Chair of the Ethics Committee.

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