Different Types of Drug Tests in California

If you have been newly hired, chances are you will have to submit to drug testing (depending on the type of work you’ll be doing.) But if the drug testing provider is fixed in a single location, then it is a problem because it is not possible for the employees to take the test during the office hours.

Therefore, California Mobile Alcohol Testing service is getting popularity. It is effective and not only new employees, people with suspicious nature; post-accident people can take the drug detection test at his or her own location. The mobile car will come to you and successfully take the test. You will be free from all pains, and you do not have to go here and there.

It is becoming more and more common for companies to require drug testing before offering a job to new employees these days. The main reason for this is that habitual drug users often cost the company a great deal of money due to tardiness, absences, insurance claims and more. It is in a company’s best interests to know if a potential hire will present a financial burden to them or not. Depending on the type of drug test they use, they can show the presence and amount of drugs or alcohol in a person’s system, each giving a different type of result:


Hair Follicle Testing

This type of test is more accurate in detailing a history of use by the potential hire. Trace amounts of drugs can be detected in the hair follicle for up to 90 days. This particular test can tell what types of drugs a person has used over an extended period, but cannot give evidence of the person’s present condition of impairment.


Breath and Alcohol Testing

With a Breathalyzer, one can measure the amount of alcohol in the blood. Law enforcement officials use these tests to determine whether a person is impaired or intoxicated at a specific time. These tests do not give any evidence or proof that a person is a habitual user and cannot measure activity over any extended length of time.

The results of these tests can only determine the number of drugs or alcohol in the person’s blood at the time of the testing. The person’s history of drug and alcohol use cannot be determined in this way.


Mouth Swab Tests

A mouth swab test is designed to collect saliva from inside the mouth to determine what the person has ingested within the previous few hours. It is only used to detect very recent drug activity and will give evidence of nothing long-term. This form of drug testing is probably the easiest to collect and is also less invasive.

The laws governing these types of tests can vary from State to State, and many businesses are now using regular drug screenings for their employees wherever it is allowed. It is vital for a candidate to know that if a positive result comes back on their tests that they are often afforded the legal right to challenge the results and demand a retest or an opportunity to give a reason for the results.