Common Mistakes When Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

The biggest problem people face when filing worker’s compensation claims to receive benefits entitled is usually understanding and knowing the rules. Failure in complying could result in either minimum claim attained or completely denied.

Don’t let the following mistakes cost you a lot of money:


Assuming not to be entitled to a worker’s compensation- you do not have to ask yourself this question. If injured at the workplace, then you are entitled to worker’s completion act. It is, therefore, your right to claim compensation for your medical bills, without question.

Failure to report the accident- report the accident to your employer as soon as possible. It should be in writing or in person.

Failure to report to your doctor- all the details of the accident have to be on your doctor’s record. Any information absent will lead to denial of your claim. Don’t give them an excuse. A complete and accurate report is always necessary.

Failure to stay in contact with your employer- be available always for inquiries by your employer even when you do not work. Further information on your occupational injury may be required or you may be required to verify the information you already give.

Seeking coverage through a private health insurance- you should note that your health insurance covers medicals bills and also will not cover for on the job injury. But your worker plan covers all the costs associated with your injury or disability benefits.

Failure to claim due to no event caused the injury- do not assume, you may be eligible to get benefits as long as the injury was along the line of duty in your workplace.

The thought that pre-existing conditions will make you ineligible- as long as your pre-existing conditions are made worse by the injury, you are therefore eligible for benefits. The workplace injury has to be the reason for treatment in this scenario.

What if the employers seek to prove nothing has happened to me? Let this not be a question. To avoid paying for you they may try to prove that you are fine. In this case, it is nice to visit a trusted doctor and hire a worker’s compensation attorney. It is essential for financial help and also for your defense in court for the extremes.

Allowing the employer to “doctor shop”- they do not have the right to direct you to a specific doctor if they at all agree to pay. If they try to switch you to another doctor, you should consult a lawyer immediately.

Avoid costly mistakes and avoid delays by getting your work injury compensation filed correctly the first time.