10 Ways to Protect Your Job

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Protect Your Job: The Top 10 Ways

  1. Keep your emotions in check: A cool head always prevails in business, and blowing your top at work is likely make letting you go an easier decision.
  2. Produce your best with quality time: You don’t want to spread yourself too thin and burn out, but the amount of time you put in shows. If you’re a good team player you’ll be more valuable.
  3. Put your boss’s pet projects on your priority list: People can smell phony interest so don’t overdo it or it might back fire, but if you help advance their projects they’ll notice.
  4. Don’t duck for cover: Worried about your job? Make yourself more visible in positive ways. Hiding out will make you seam unnecessary to the business you want to be, irreplaceable not expendable.
  5. Compile your praises: Keeping a file with all emails or letters your clients, superiors and coworkers have sent complimenting your efforts at work is never a bad idea. These could prove priceless on a job search, while a quick read can give you a boost in confidence and iStock_000017815065XSmallhelp you excel right where you are.
  6. Gossiping is a quick rout out: Keep it to yourself. Negativity about your boss, job duties, coworkers or company will only put you at the top of the list when cuts have to be made.
  7. Don’t be a doormat: Begging at work won’t make you valuable- good work will.
  8. Don’t “quit before you get fired”: You may not be getting fired at all. Try to be positive about your position and keep the discreet job search in your back pocket.
  9. Don’t see the closing door – look to the open one: Remember this could be an excellent opportunity to move to something better. You’re more likely to get the new job with a positive attitude and get a better recommendation from this boss too.
  10. Quietly advertise your accomplishments: Don’t be obnoxious, but make them known with grace, posting them in your space or sending out a mass thank you to those who help with the project and make sure to CC your boss.


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