Reporting Time Pay and The Waiting Time Penalty

It is wise to understand the meaning of waiting time penalty before taking any job offer. It is common to report to work expecting a specific salary only to get less because of being deprived the amount of work. Inadequate work can result from lack of proper notice or inadequate scheduling among other reasons. The excess actual hour’s one works are normally not included in the reporting time pay.


However, there are certain requirements when it comes to reporting pay. You have to understand these requirements in order to relate well with your employees. This article has outlined some of the requirements to enable you to get informed.


Employees are expected to report to work on a daily basis as stated by the firm. However, there are cases where the employee has no work or ends up doing half or even less of the work he or she is expected to do on a normal day. The employee in question has to get half the amount he or she is supposed to earn for a usual work day.


For example, if one is expected to work for six-hour shift and he or she only works for two hours, the firm is expected to pay him or her three hours of the day in reference to a regular day at work. Two hours for working and two hours in terms of reporting time. As much as he has worked only for two hours the rest of the time is also counted as hours worked under this case.



The rules are not applied in the event of the following; when operations in the firm cannot start or go one because of threats from property or employer. It is also not applicable if civil authorities will recommend the job to start or begin at the said time.

In essence, reporting time pay can simply be defined as the partial compensation an employee gets for reporting to his or her work place while anticipating to work for certain duration only to be deprived of work because of various reasons.


The reasons should result from the part of the employer. The same case applies if you are expected to work for a certain duration during the second shift only to be given fewer hours as a result of factors out of your control. Whether the reason has been caused by the employer or property, one deserves to be paid the same.